Nalle Hukkataival has repeated another legendary problem at Maltatal, Austria - Klem Loskot's Emotional Landscapes, ~8C. Watch how Klem literally went through Emotional Landscapes in this clip from 2000 (after the jump).
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Freitag, 27 September 2013 10:44

Sisu Masters 2013

Sisu Masters 2013 is the biggest climbing event ever in Finland. The format is like we did at the "Bronx Rock Invitational" series 2007-2009. Meet the competitors and get a sneek peak at the venue in this very stylish teaser!
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Samstag, 13 April 2013 08:37

Nalle Hukkataival repeats Bügeleisen

Nalle Hukkataival has repeteated Klem Loskot's "Bügeleisen" at southern Austria's Maltatal. "Just topped out Bügeleisen!!!! YESSSSSS!!! Probably the most epic battle I've ever had with any boulder! Conditions ranged from bad to utter shit and I got sick for several days.. So HAPPY I managed to pull it off at the very last moment!!!!!" This is the video Nalle's ascent in apparently quite humid conditions...
Here is Klem's original 2001 ascent:
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Freitag, 08 Februar 2013 16:09

Scarred for Life - Australia

Cool short film series about Dave Graham & friends, travelling the world and bouldering hard things! This is the Australia clip in which Ian Dory (@IanDory), Nalle Hukkataival (@NHukkataival)
an Dave Graham (@Dave_Graham_) climb (on) the following problems:
On The Beach (V13), Parallel Lines (V11), Wave Room (Project), Occam's Razor (V14), Cherry Picking (V13)
Urban Cone – “Photograph”
Rusko – “Everyday”
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