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Dienstag, 12 März 2013 13:37

HardMoves 2013 - making of

Konzept, Wand- und Routenbau für das HardMoves Superfinale in der Wuppertaler Schwimmoper.
Ein solcher Event ist ohne den aufopferungsvollen Einsatz zahlloser Helfer nicht möglich, das Organisationsteam schreibt dazu:

Ihr lieben HardMoves-Helfer,
das war der absolute Hammer!!!
Jetzt ist´s vollbracht! In der Schwimmhalle wird wieder geschwommen, in der Kletterhalle wird wieder geklettert, alles beim Alten --- fast alles!
Wir sind mega überwältigt und absolut geflasht von den letzten Wochen und Monaten, die mit einem legendären HardMoves Finale am Samstag gipfelten.
Und diesen Gipfel konnten wir nur topen, weil so unglaublich viele Freunde, Verwandte, Bekannte, herzblut Boulder-und Klettermenschen,... angepackt haben. Ihr alle habt HardMoves möglich gemacht und macht das Event damit besonders wertvoll!
Vielen, herzlichen und heldenhaften Dank an Euch - die wahren HardMoves Helden 2013 ;-)!!!

Bis in Kürze

Arndt - Christian - Florian - Jonas -Tobi - Fritze
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Gestern Abend in der Schwimmoper Wuppertal: wir testen das Unterwasser Trampolin für das Superfinale der HardMoves Boulder League 2013!
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Dienstag, 22 Januar 2013 18:22

the Art (and Science) of Bouldering...

... is an ebook based on our (German) book "Lizenz zum Bouldern" (see teaser below) we are developing at the moment.


 Read the rave reviews for the book here:

"I, you, he, she, it boulders. We, you, they know: Bouldering is great. Generally, you don't need to know more, if anything. You can do it just like that. If you (or others) try to find out what bouldering is all about, some tested catchphrases, nowadays found in almost any outdoor guide book, are usually enough by itself to create an appealing image. And that's a good thing. 

But what if you want to know more, if you want to explore this topic in depth and say something about the phenomenon bouldering that differs from stereotypical views: then you write a book about it, like Udo ”Udini“ Neumann did. Why he named this book ”Lizenz zum Bouldern“, in connection with another book by this author (Lizenz zum Klettern), is understandable. It goes without saying that this book is not about fancy words, but about providing a deeper understanding. Its pinch of scientific content is well dosed. However, ”Lizenz zum Bouldern“, just like another book by Udini, ”Der XI. Grad“, also is not a training guide. What these two works have in common, however, is their evocativeness, conveyed by fun-to-look-at layouts and graphics as well as intelligent and humorous, but in no way know-all texts that make your fingertips sweat.

This page-turner makes you want to know more, to go out there and do it – bouldering. 

Complete novelties are the elaborately arranged video analyses of various bouldering world cups. Sounds boring, but it's extremely interesting to take a closer look at the approach of people that know how to do it. The accompanying analyses are enlightening and may be relied upon: as a coach of the DAV national bouldering team Udo knows, what he is talking about.


Overall, a gem with an unmistakable Udini-style that belongs on every bookshelf, not far from the latest issue of CLIMAX."

– Climax (Austria)

more reviews after the jump!

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Dienstag, 16 Oktober 2012 21:31

Speed editing...

2012-09-22 udini making_of19-06-19
... the "Climbing World Championships 2012 report" near Biarritz with new Retina MBP & FCP X - Udini is happy!
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Sonntag, 02 September 2012 15:35

using our "spider cam" 4 the Munich BWC report

... in this clip there are quite a few shots from our "poor man's spider cam" in the Munich 2012 BWC report.

20120826 Munich_19-48-03


2012-09-11 udini making_of00-46-59


Above you see the "spider cam" in action, attached are 2 GroPros (one on a mini remote head) and one (hacked) Lumix GF-2. At the Munich 2012 BWC, the cameras were remotly controlled by Peter Hierl. The "sled" of the "spider cam" needs to be opened so you thread the static rope through. The whole system was conceived and build by Jonas Baumann.


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Donnerstag, 15 März 2012 09:55

the HOW of WHY

... talking of "Höllenaufwand mit Dollies und Kränen (und Dronen) s.o., hier erklärt Cory Rich das Making of seines Filmes "WHY" anlässlich der Produktvorstellung der Nikon D4. "When Nikon approached me to be a part of the D4 release project not only did they ask me to produce a video and stills, showing off the attributes of the new camera, they were also looking for a behind the scenes video spot detailing how "WHY" came together."

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Udo Neumann explains how the Boulder World Cup reports were made. This first part deals with the 3 different cameras that were used, the Nikon D5000, 2 GoPro HDs and 2 Kodak Zx1...
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Montag, 13 April 2009 09:35

Big Up in Mallorca, Produktionsnotizen


"Hi to everyone involved with King Lines,

Last night the 28th annual Sports Emmy awards were held in New York. A segment from King Lines featuring Chris Sharma climbing Es Pontas was nominated in the category of Outstanding Camerawork. The segment had aired in December as part of NBC's show The Jeep World of Adventure Sports, and is still being replayed on the Universal HD network. We were up against The Olympics, Nascar, and other mega-mainstream programs, but we ended up taking the prize! BigUpproductions and Sender Films would like to thank you all for supporting this project and helping us elevate climbing to new levels. We are continuing to shoot more amazing stuff for King Lines - it will screen in over 50 cities this fall as part of the 2007 Reel Rock Film Tour. We are also producing more climbing segments for the Jeep show, and we will keep you all posted as things progress. All the Emmy details are available through the link above. Many thanks!"

--- BigUpProduction's Josh Lowell in a mail to Udo, May 2007

Das freut einen natürlich! Hier sind (auf Deutsch) einige Anekdoten von den Dreharbeiten und Bilder von den Dreharbeiten.

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