Donnerstag, 22 Mai 2014 19:15

Boulder World Cup 2014 mid term report

... with comps every weekend, I'll won't be able to do a Boulder World Cup report for each BWC this season. Instead I'll do a brief one midseason, and a big one at the end of the season. Here comes the Boulder World Cup 2014 mid term report! Enjoy!
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Sonntag, 13 Oktober 2013 23:00

Adidas RockStars 2013 report

our video report of the adidas rockstars bouldering competition, porsche arena stuttgart, september 2013
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... as seen by the German Bouldering Team!

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The fifth stop of the IFSC World Cup season 2013 celebrated a big climbing party at the Marktplatz in Innsbruck from May 16th to 18th. The finals fantastic result in black-red-golden. Jule Wurm, who already finished second at the European Championships 2010 in Innsbruck and local heroine Anna Stöhr, leader after the semi-finals, fought an exciting duel: Both women topped out on all four final Boulder problems, in closing one attempt decided about gold, silver and Jule Wurms first victory in 2013!

First World Cup win ever for Jan Hojer
In the men’s competition Austria’s Kilian Fischhuber, the previous year’s winner, was the only athlete flashing three out of four final problems, but didn't score in number three (no top, no bonus) what put him in place three in the end. Gold went to Germany's Jan Hojer, reigning world champion Dmitrii Sharafutdinov gained place two and therewith his fourth podium of the season. Its worth noticing that all the climbers in the German bouldering team bouldered really well during those days, it seems that we like the air in Innsbruck!

After this great competition weekend in Austria the IFSC Bouldering World Cup is moving overseas: Toronto will be the venue of the next World Cup stop on June 1-2! All results and further informations on Stay tuned for our report soon and find a short clip about the finals below...
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Dienstag, 19 Juni 2012 18:06

Boulder World Cup 2012 report - Vail

A rather mediocre World Cup Vail, Colorado (USA, by European and Asian Standards, but still the one with the best route setting of the season! Anna and Kilian played once again their gold symphony like in Innsbruck, with Anna already winning the World Cup 2012. Shauna Coxsey (GBR) and Sean McColl (CAN) - silver, Juliane Wurm (GER) and Jan Hojer (GER) - bronze, could not prevail on the Austrian super-couple. The boulder World Cup finals will take place in Munich, on August 25 and 26.
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The 4th Boulder World Cup 2012 was held in the market square in beautiful Innsbruck surrounded by snow topped mountains...

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Sonntag, 06 Mai 2012 14:13

Boulder World Cup 2012 report, Vienna

Vienna, the third stop of the Boulder World Cup 2012, brought us some strange and than some great route setting as well as convincing performances of Akiyo Noguchi and Rustam Gelmanov. More soon, stay posted!

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Sonntag, 26 Februar 2012 16:17

DAV Kletterkader Lehrgang Augsburg Feb. 2012

Für 2012 erprobt der DAV Trainerstab ein neues Konzept für Disziplin- und altersübergreifende Lehrgänge. Das Wettbewerbsklettern entwickelt sich stetig und so müssen wir unsere Strategien und Methoden anpassen. Die strickte Trennung nach Disziplinen erscheint uns nicht mehr sinnvoll in Zeiten, in denen eine Mina Marcovic sowohl den BWC in München, als auch den Gesamtweltcup im Lead gewinnt. Der DAV selber hat mit Shorti einen Athleten am Start, der sowohl in jedes Lead- als auch in jedes Boulderfinale klettern kann und dafür mit dem zweiten Platz im Overall bei der WM in Arco belohnt worden ist. Altersübergreifende Lehrgänge sollen sowohl den jungen Kletterern den Übergang zu den Erwachsenen erleichtern, als auch die Kommunikation zwischen den Jugend- und den jeweiligen Fachtrainern verbessern.

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Montag, 25 Juli 2011 15:29

Boulder World Championships Arco

above: Anna Stöhr's and Dmitry Sharafutdiniv's way through the (semi-) Finals towards being bouldering world champion 2011. Unlike at the BWCs, the organizers made it difficult to film for anybody who didn't pay for TV rights. We hope you'll enjoy these little clips nevertheless!
The Arco World Championships was a two faced affair, at least concerning the bouldering. On the bright side was solid route setting, stunning performances and the realization how high the standard is meanwhile, especially in countries that usually don't compete in the world cups (for many reasons). On the dark side we an arrogant organization that was unable to cope with the many competitors and clearly not interested in bouldering at all. Lets start with the bright side though! (see pics from Arco from the perspective of the German bouldering team here!)
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Mittwoch, 27 April 2011 18:36

Jule dreams of bouldering

Ein kurzer Film über Jule Wurm in Fontainebleau, den ich letztes Wochenende bei unserem Lehrgang gefilmt habe. Demnächst mache ich vielleicht mal einen Film über meine Experimente mit Pinhole und Plastikobjektiven, aber jetzt geht erstmal die Boulderweltcup Saison richtig los. Drückt uns die Daumen!
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