Freitag, 03 Juli 2009 14:08

Dave Graham interview

David Graham grew up in Portland, Maine, in the northeast of the United States. He started climbing when he was 14 and instantly became addicted. As a talent, Dave turned heads immediately and began influencing the climbing community at a young age. By the age of 16 he was working as a professional rock climber, and planning his world travels. At the age of 18, he began to travel to Europe and Asia, learn to speak other languages, and climb the hardest existing routes in the world. Now 26 years old, Dave has most of the last 8 years been living and climbing mostly throughout Europe. After 10 years of redefining the limits within rock climbing, traveling the world, and speaking foreign tongues, Dave nowadays is more excited than ever to push his own personal limits and share his thoughts. I interviewed Dave in Ceuze for "Die 2te Lizenz zum Klettern DVD", read on for the German translation!

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