Montag, 11 Oktober 2010 11:17

Farewell to Kurt Albert

On Saturday 9 of October 2010 a couple of hundred climbers gathered to bid Kurt Albert farewell. In Streitberg, Kurt's home village, companions like Stefan Glowacz, Bernd Arnold, Jerry Moffatt, Jesse Guthrie and Holger Heuber recalled episodes of the many aspects in Kurt's life. As sad as the occasion was, at one point each of them was smiling. Remembering Kurt we go through tears and laughter in an instant. Taking risks, big or small, was Kurt's way of going through life, inspiring people on the way.

Our account of the European 2010 climbing and bouldering championships. Needed a bit of time in the making, but should be interesting for in-depth movement analysis. For further information and detailed results, check out Read on for more in German ...

Yesterday Chloé Graftiaux died in the mountains. Late last night I finished this short clip about route setting during the 2010 Boulder World Cup with interviews of all the top competitors and was struck what a inspiring and spirited person #3 ranked Chloé is when I learned today about her tragic accident. The reason for the video, "route setting" is trivial by now of course, but it gives a glimpse of what a great human being Chloé was. Very sad! 

Montag, 17 Mai 2010 14:48

Boulder WC 2010 report #7 - Munich


The Bouldering World Cup 2010 stayed gripping up to the last problem! Munich's '72 Olympic stadium provided a worthy location for the final event. Of all the potential winners, only Chloé Graftiaux dropped the ball and didn't make it to the finals. In the finals Akiyo Noguchi won by the narrowest margin possible - Anna Stöhr needed one more try for the only problem the girls could climb in the finals.

Route setting was very "russian style" as many competitors put it, meaning rather rock like moves on bad holds, what tends to favor either, well, russians or … rock climbers. Since Adam Ondra is the best rock climber in the world right now It was no surprise than that he won the event and with it the overall Boulder World Cup 2010.

As usual you can check out the results here. We rather let the (moving) pictures do the talking, so watch our clip below and stay tuned for our route setting survey video among the top competitors here very soon! For our reports of the 6 previous Boulder World Cups please read on ...


Donnerstag, 06 Mai 2010 07:49

Petrohradské PADání 2010

The Petrohradské PADání 2010 again was a wonderful event! Taking place in the newly developed "Mlynsky Vrch" area we also the had the weather gods on our side. Some complained that it was too hot, but this didn't keep Adam Ondra from doing the FA of "Stix, sd", 8B+ and three 8Bs as well as several 8As over the weekend! Also starring two times lead world champion Tomáš Mrázek...

above: Adam Ondra, first ascent of "Stix, sd", read on for our reports of the 2006 and 2009 PADanis...

Mittwoch, 21 April 2010 11:06

Basque bouldering

Being a wimp, I couldn't quite get myself to paddle around in the freezing waters of our beloved Brittany for the first surf trip of the season. Instead we opted for the Côte des basques, the birth place of European surfing. Unfortunately (no, not really ;-) the surf was pretty good, so we just visited two of the many high quality bouldering areas of the region. Let me tell you, Laxia and Jaizkibel are incredible! Check out the pics for now and stay tuned for more soon ...