Sonntag, 08 September 2013 14:15

Boulder World Cup 2013 report - Munich, Germany

The sky finally cleared up in Munich and sunset light hit the wall as some of the best boulderers in the world battled for the last medals of the season. In the end, Rei Sugimoto got his first gold medal ever and Anna Stöhr, in a legendary streak, won her 7th world cup of 2013. The overall champions were already known but that didn’t prevent this last World Cup from being an amazing competition. Even Stöhr and Sharafutdinov, who didn’t have that much at stake, fought until the last attempt of the last problem (quite literally). Read an excellent write-up of the comp at, check out all the results at and see you for the Bouldering World Championships in Munich next year!
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Dienstag, 03 September 2013 09:47

European Bouldering Championships Gallery

Our gallery of the Bouldering European Championships in Eindhoven last weekend. Video & writeup follows soon. For complete results etc., check out the IFSC page as usual.
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Donnerstag, 29 August 2013 14:30

Boulder World Cup 2013 Gallery

Boulder World Cup 2013 pics of the German Bouldering Team, starting in Chongqing (China) to the final event in Munich (Germany) via Millau (France), Kitzbühel (Austria), Log-Dragomer (Slovenia), Innsbruck (Austria), Toronto (Canada). Flickr made a bit of a mess (or was it me, trying to upload too much?), I will try to organize the pics after being back from the European Bouldering Championships in Eindhoven next weekend. Till than - Enjoy!
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Donnerstag, 29 August 2013 12:16

Udo Neumann Interview excerpt

The Circuit, "WORLD CUP AND PERFORMANCE CLIMBING MAGAZINE" has posted a short excerpt from the full length interview with German Coach Udo Neumann appearing in the magazine.
"Climbing has its own visionaries who have pushed the sport over the years, from Wolfgang Güllich and Jerry Moffat in sport climbing to Lynn Hill with her visionary free ascent of the Nose in Yosemite. But behind the scenes there had been visionaries as well. One of the true visionaries of climbing for over 20 years now is the German Udo Neumann. Now the German team manager, Udo has been climbing since the early 80’s and has always been a passionate advocate of the sports progression. 20 years ago this year Udo and Dale Goddard published Performance Rock Climbing, considered the bible of climbing training manuals. Copies of it will be found on the shelves of the vast majority of today’s top climbers."
Read the interview with Udo here!
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The IFSC Bouldering World Cup in the Canadian province of Ontario turned out as a real "golden soil" for the Austrian climbing team: With her fifth win in 2013 highflyer Anna Stöhr cleared her overall World Cup victory already two competitions before the end of the season, while Kilian Fischhuber climbed to gold overseas. As usual, find more info, the results and the rankings (before the final event in Munich) here:
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... as seen by the German Bouldering Team!

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Home win for Anna Stöhr and Jakob Schubert in Kitzbühel!
Last year’s Overall Bouldering World Cup winner Anna Stöhr and reigning Lead world champion Jakob Schubert celebrated an Austrian happy ending in front of their home crowd at the Sports Park Kitzbühel.
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