Montag, 13 April 2009 09:35

Big Up in Mallorca, Produktionsnotizen


"Hi to everyone involved with King Lines,

Last night the 28th annual Sports Emmy awards were held in New York. A segment from King Lines featuring Chris Sharma climbing Es Pontas was nominated in the category of Outstanding Camerawork. The segment had aired in December as part of NBC's show The Jeep World of Adventure Sports, and is still being replayed on the Universal HD network. We were up against The Olympics, Nascar, and other mega-mainstream programs, but we ended up taking the prize! BigUpproductions and Sender Films would like to thank you all for supporting this project and helping us elevate climbing to new levels. We are continuing to shoot more amazing stuff for King Lines - it will screen in over 50 cities this fall as part of the 2007 Reel Rock Film Tour. We are also producing more climbing segments for the Jeep show, and we will keep you all posted as things progress. All the Emmy details are available through the link above. Many thanks!"

--- BigUpProduction's Josh Lowell in a mail to Udo, May 2007

Das freut einen natürlich! Hier sind (auf Deutsch) einige Anekdoten von den Dreharbeiten und Bilder von den Dreharbeiten.

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