Donnerstag, 14 November 2013 10:10

Classic Climbing Films

Announcing our channel for classic climbing movies, starting with Performance Rock Climbing.
Along with the book by the same name, Performance Rock Climbing took the world of sport climbing by storm in 1993. Starring the best climbers of their time, this was the first video dealing with movement science, the psychological aspects and training for climbing.
Now for its 20th anniversary, you can re-watch the full "Performance Rock Climbing" again as well as "boulder!", "Evolution/Revolution 1&2", "Climbing on the limit of human performance" and the climbing technique chapter of the Lizenz zum Klettern DVD! 
All in all more than 7 hours of classic climbing films - check it out!
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Donnerstag, 29 August 2013 12:16

Udo Neumann Interview excerpt

The Circuit, "WORLD CUP AND PERFORMANCE CLIMBING MAGAZINE" has posted a short excerpt from the full length interview with German Coach Udo Neumann appearing in the magazine.
"Climbing has its own visionaries who have pushed the sport over the years, from Wolfgang Güllich and Jerry Moffat in sport climbing to Lynn Hill with her visionary free ascent of the Nose in Yosemite. But behind the scenes there had been visionaries as well. One of the true visionaries of climbing for over 20 years now is the German Udo Neumann. Now the German team manager, Udo has been climbing since the early 80’s and has always been a passionate advocate of the sports progression. 20 years ago this year Udo and Dale Goddard published Performance Rock Climbing, considered the bible of climbing training manuals. Copies of it will be found on the shelves of the vast majority of today’s top climbers."
Read the interview with Udo here!
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