Sonntag, 09 September 2012 14:00

Route Setting at the Boulder World Cup 2010...

... what the competitors think:
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The events couldn't be more different: In China (see below) about 10.000 mostly silent spectators, in Slovenia a small, but enthusiastic and well-informed crowd. See for yourself! Next stop: Vienna...
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Freitag, 20 November 2009 15:23

Climbing WC 2009 roundup

It has been a while since the rock climbing world and the competition scene could agree on one champion. In 2009 Adam Ondra climbed the most not only hard but also diverse rock routes and won the World Cup. There is nothing super human or magical about Adam, he just brings, for the time being, the most complete climbing skill set to the table.

It is the nature of human progress that we learn. By watching the clips posted here and elsewhere, we will learn about climbing and therefore improve. Somewhere in the world a talented girl or boy, say 12 years old, who watches Adam, Johanna, Chris and all the other great climbers of our time, will be a far better climber in five years time than those guys ever could be!
So read on, watch those clips, watch them again, discuss them - we will keep on making them, for the future of climbing!
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