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Bart van Raaij "7+8" Bleau - Topoguide präsentiert auch in seiner dritten, 2013 Auflage die stylischsten Topos überhaupt! Jetzt im UDINISHOP!
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Sonntag, 17 Februar 2013 17:33

2 classic Bleau problems, 1990


classic Bleau problems: Stefan Hilgers in "Le treizième travail" at Apremont and Udo Neumann in "Toit du Cul de Chien" at Trois Pignons. filmed spring 1990

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Mittwoch, 27 April 2011 18:36

Jule dreams of bouldering

Ein kurzer Film über Jule Wurm in Fontainebleau, den ich letztes Wochenende bei unserem Lehrgang gefilmt habe. Demnächst mache ich vielleicht mal einen Film über meine Experimente mit Pinhole und Plastikobjektiven, aber jetzt geht erstmal die Boulderweltcup Saison richtig los. Drückt uns die Daumen!
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Montag, 06 Juli 2009 08:14

where it all began

For hours you've fought with this problem. By the time you've figured out the sequence, your power is gone. You rest. Put the shoes back on. Uuuuh, that hurts. Your toes are screaming, the laces cutting through the battered skin of your fingers. A couple more alibi tries before you admit that you are done for today, defeated!
Hiking back you wonder if you ever felt so wasted before. You get lost. This dammed forest! Every muscle fiber is begging for mercy...
But wait, this arête really looks too good! Lets check it out for another day! It is so tempting, you might as well put the shoes on and give it a try ... By the time you've figured out the sequence, all your power is gone ...
It's getting dark, you are stoked, before you fall asleep your body remembers the moves it did today ... There still isn't a place like Fontainebleau in the bouldering world, regardless what the hype says. That arête you've been trying might be only 5c, but believe me, there isn't a climber who never struggled with a font 5c!
Nowadays, bouldering areas are developed by 8a boulderers for their 8a buddies, media hype very welcomed. Most of these areas therefore lack the diversity and spectrum that makes them enjoyable in any physical shape you might be in, with any friends you are with (climbers or not) and in any season.

This is Fontainebleau,

the place where 8a heroes are being lectured by middle aged housewives, inflatable monster pads don't make you dare to top out problems that were established 30 years ago starting on a little carpet and the hardest easy bouldering in the universe!

Fontainebleau, the place

where it all began...




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